You don’t still believe that?

How did the world get here? Where do we come from? These are some of the basic questions of life. I remember learning two very different answers to those questions at school.

In my science classes I was told that the universe originated with a big explosion and over a long period of time stars and planets formed. Then, at some point, life began on earth as a very simple organism. Through countless mutations over millions of years, it evolved into the varied life forms we see today.

Yet, when I went into my RE lessons, our teacher explained to us that the Bible teaches that God made all things in a short span of time.

As I listened, I found myself left with a choice. Who did I believe? Did I believe my science teachers, or did I go with my RE teacher?

In one sense, the logical conclusion would have been to side with my science teachers. Of the two they seemed more level-headed and their position more thought-through. Yet, that’s not where I ended up. Why not?

The first reason is the Bible itself. The Bible claims to be different from every other book. It tells us that its words are God’s words. If this is true then the accounts of creation in the Bible aren’t early man’s efforts to explain our existence, but rather God’s of how we came about.

Next, the limitations of science. As I think of the different theories of origins, I’ve come to realise that it is impossible to prove any of them scientifically. We can come up with different explanations about our origins and some may seem more plausible than others. Yet, we cannot be 100% sure unless we can go back and see it for ourselves. Here’s where the Bible stands apart. It claims to be the words of God who was there when the world was made.

Third, it makes sense. When I look at the world around me, I don’t see a world that could have come about by random chance and accident. Instead, it speaks of design. To me there must be an intelligence behind the complexity and beauty of the world in which we live.

Then, lastly, the hope it brings. If God created the world there is a reason why we are here. There is a basis to ask questions of purpose and value. If I am just a result of the chance forces of nature then I am left stranded and wandering in the big questions of life.

Whenever I tell people that I believe God created the world I do get some funny looks. Often people will respond by saying, ‘you don’t still believe that do you?’ I understand the response. I realise that I’m definitely in a minority. Yet, I do genuinely think it is the most credible answer.

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