Will it make any difference?

I was just a kid visiting my grandparents. After several glasses of squash, I needed to visit the bathroom. I knew the way, so left the room and headed upstairs.

On the way back I paused on the landing. My attention was taken by the door on my right. No one was around so I tiptoed over and slowly turned the handle. Opening the door, I gasped and my eyes popped out of my head.

The room was packed with audio recording gear. Reel to reel tape players, a mixing desk and all kinds of other equipment. This was my Grandad’s recording studio where he made his radio programmes broadcast in Poland. I wasn’t meant to be in there, but how could I resist?

I love anything tech, but that’s not always a good thing. Particularly, when you’re confronted by a glossy picture or demo video of the latest gadget. I don’t need much persuasion to want to buy it.

Between my bank balance, a sensible wife, and then kids who dare to require a share of my monthly income, I’ve had to develop defence strategies to resist the urge to click the purchase button. One of these is a simple question, ‘What difference will it make in my life?’

Often the answer comes back a resounding, ‘none’! It might look nice and call out, ‘come and get me’, but at the end of the day it doesn’t do anything different to what I already have. Or it does, but I don’t need that function.

There are lots of things we might like to have. But do we need them? There are lot of things we might want. But will they make a difference? ‘What difference will it make in my life?’ A great question to ask.

I wonder, have you ever asked that question of the Bible as a book, or of the God that the Bible speaks about? Would it make any difference to your life to know him and follow him? Would that difference be a good one or a bad one?

On October 16th we’re streaming an evening of music. Performers range in age and in standard with a mix of styles. If you enjoy music and seeing others playing, it will be a good evening.

It’s not all music though. During the evening, some people from our congregation will be sharing the difference that Jesus makes in their life. Why not join us on YouTube and hear for yourself?