Variety Performance

Last month we tried something new as a church. We had an evening of music on a Saturday night. It was an informal concert put on by people in the church.

I remember announcing it a few months back and asking if anybody wanted to take part. I had no idea who would put themselves forward or what the evening would be like. It turned out to be a fantastic time.

The thing that stood out to me was the variety of the performances. There was music new and old. We had classical, jazz and music from the shows; film music, Christian songs and more. There were instrumental solos, singing solos, duets and even a band.

There wasn’t just variety in the performances, but also in the performers. We had beginners, one had been playing only 6 months, and those more accomplished and used to performing. It didn’t matter, all were tremendous.  Some were young, others were older. It was a real mix, but the blend worked.

The evening reminded me of one of the things I love about being part of a church. If you were to come along on a Sunday you’d see that same sense of variety. We’re not a group of younger people or a group of older people. We aren’t a group of children or a group of adults. We are a mix of all kinds of people.

Some have lived in Whittlesey all their lives, others have moved here later. The age gap between the youngest and oldest in the congregation is almost 100 years and there are many in between. It’s not just variety in age or where we were brought up. We are a group of people from different backgrounds and with completely different interests. A right mix.

So why do we meet together? What is it that we all share? It isn’t a love for a building and a desire to see it remain open. It isn’t a love of ‘Christian’ services or of religious ritual. It isn’t because this is something we’ve always done and therefore always will do.

No, the thing that we share is a love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We meet together because of Jesus.

That might sound strange because Jesus lived a long time ago and he only lived for approximately 33 years. Yet, the Bible tells us those years have an impact that is unimaginable. His birth, life and death have a significance for every generation.

More than that, Jesus is bigger than those 33 years. 3 days after being killed on the cross the Bible tells us he rose from the dead and is alive today. In many ways that sounds fanciful, yet it has never been disproven.

This month we have some special services on Sunday mornings, the 5th, 12th and 19th. We’re going to be looking at some of the amazing claims the Bible tells us about Jesus. It would be a good time to come along and find out what we’re all about. All are welcome.