Together 250

Celebrating 250 years since the church was officially formed back in 1769

What's it all about?

Whilst the origin of a Baptist congregation in Whittlesey goes back over 100 years before 1769, it was in 1769 that a congregation of Particular Baptists drew up a “Trust Deed” for the church meeting at Gracious Street in Whittlesey. Hence the celebration of 250 years of the Church in Gracious Street from 1769 to 2019.

The main events we held to celebrate the 250th Anniversary celebrations were:

  • The actual Anniversary Meeting, which was held on Saturday 16th March. Our  speaker on that occasion and over the weekend was Andy Pitt from Park Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil. Over 100 people attended and a good time of rejoicing and thanksgiving, as well as a nice tea, were had.
  • Children’s drawing / poetry competition was open until the 24th May and prizes were awarded at the Fun Day event.
  • 250th Anniversary Fun Day was held on 20th July and some 300 – 400 people of all ages were in attendance.

We give thanks to God for his goodness to the church through the last 250 years.

Special Events

Here are some of the upcoming events in the life of our church. Why not come along?