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We are currently live-streaming our morning service via our YouTube Channel. We will also be recording the sermons in audio and video format.

After the service the audio will be available here and the video from our YouTube channel.

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30 August 2020

The Spotlight on Your Words

Preacher: Doug King
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James is concerned with the sanctification of Christians, for them to become more like Jesus.  He wants the teaching of the bible to shine a light on every area of their lives, exposing problems so they can be put right.  In this passage the light is shone very directly on our use of words, spoken and unspoken.  James wants us to understand their importance in our lives and how they show the state of our hearts.  The Christians reaction to this?  Repentance, prayerful reliance on God to help us put it right, and action to play our part.

Doug King