How would you finish this sentence: I’d be happy if….

Maybe, I’d be happy if I had more money? Or, I’d be happy if I had better relationships? I’d be happy if my family were here. Or I’d be happy if I had a different job. I was retired, I had a simpler life or I’d be happy if I could be at a party or some other exciting experience.

We find happiness in all kinds of places. There are so many moments that bring a smile to our faces. Yet, have you ever noticed that the smile doesn’t last? Parties end, experiences finish, new stuff becomes old stuff and we are left looking for the next moment.

In the Bible there’s promise of joy and its a joy with a difference. It’s a happiness that can satisfy our souls. It’s a delight that will never fade. Where can we find it? The Bible says it’s found in Jesus.

In this series we take a look at this promise of joy. How can the Bible make such a claim and can we really know joy like this? Does the Bible actually give us the answer to true happiness?