Short answers to big questions

Straightforward; from the Bible

We all have questions in times of suffering? Why is this happening? Why has my life been turned upside down? When’s it going to end? Am I going to get through it? Do you ever think about God in those questions? In these videos Paul, our pastor, seeks to give Bible answers to the questions we can often ask in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Where is God in Covid-19 Part 1

Where is God in Covid-19 Part 2

Is Covid-19 punishment from God?

Why is the world so broken?

Does Covid-19 destroy a God of love?

Should I listen to the Bible?

Can I believe that God made the world?

Does God promise a life without sadness?

Does God care about our suffering?

Why doesn't God do anything?

Does faith in Jesus change anything?

Is the end of the world coming?