New but for how long!

I’m excited! Next week I start my study makeover. I’ve been here 5 years and the paint’s starting to look a little tired. Time to freshen it up. I also fancy a colour change, hence the can of natural slate colour paint that’s sitting in the corner ready to be used.

New furniture is on the way. Post Covid, my study will be used by our Sunday morning secondary school age group. To create space, I’ve planned a few layout changes. No refresh is complete without some gadgets. I won’t say which, but there are a couple of new ones I’m looking forward to playing with. I can’t wait to get started and see how it will all look.

Yet, I’m also a realist. I’ve done this enough to know what’s going to happen. I’ll get the work done and step back and look with a sense of satisfaction. For the next few days there will be a buzz as I get to work in my new, fresh surroundings. But it won’t last.

As the days flow into a week, or maybe this time a bit longer, the excitement will diminish and I’ll start wanting another project, something else to get my teeth into. It’s going to be fun, but I’ve learnt that the satisfaction doesn’t last.

Have you ever experienced that? Spring is a good time to do up the garden; change the planting or lay a new patio. How many days before you look out of the window and the ‘wow’ has disappeared?

We can get so excited at completing a project or getting the latest purchase through the post. It’s new, it’s different, it’s great. But invariably the delight dims and it’s all old hat. It just doesn’t last.

What strikes me about the Bible is its claim to offer something different. At its core is an invitation to come and know God by trusting in his Son, Jesus Christ. How can I be sure that won’t get tired or lose its wonder? Because, says the Bible, God is so big and so glorious that he’s able to amaze us every single day, now and for all eternity.

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Praying you all keep safe and well.