Members Area

This page is specifically for the use of the Membership of Whittlesey Baptist Church

Members Area

Access to the Members shared storage location for Church Meeting agendas, minutes and other items of interest such as various rotas etc. can be obtained by use of the link beside.

Members Storage Area

All our the essential Church Membership documents in one place and easy to access.

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Are there really no rules?

It’s grace not law! That’s the point of Romans chapter 6. But where does that leave the law today? Should we tear it up and throw it away, or does...

Is grace enough for a holy life?

Remove the rules and everyone does what they want. Result: total mayhem. How can a message where getting right with God is a free gift, not the result...

Don’t cheapen grace!

Grace is magnified where sin is multiplied, so shouldn’t we sin as much as we can to show how big God’s grace is? How does the Bible answer that?...