Lost for words

Have you ever been lost for words? Have you ever had a time when you simply can’t say anything and just have to absorb what is happening?

Sometimes this can be our response to a tragedy. The shock can often leave us clambering for words. The same result can come from shocks of a more positive nature. Maybe your friends have thrown you a surprise party. They’ve managed to keep it secret and completely fool you. Then comes the moment of surprise and words escape you.

We can also be left speechless when we see something that amazes us. I still remember the first time I visited Niagara Falls. I stood at the top watching the vast quantities of water tumbling over the edge. I couldn’t find the words to adequately describe what I was seeing.

When I read about the life of Jesus in the Bible, I often find myself lost for words. The claims the Bible makes and the events it describes are truly astounding.

One day, the Bible tells us, Jesus entered a town called Capernaum. In the town there was a Roman centurion whose servant was very sick and on the verge of death. When he heard that Jesus was in town, he sent a message asking Jesus to come and heal his servant.

After Jesus set out along the road to the centurion’s house he was met by another delegation. These were friends of the Roman soldier. He’d sent them to tell Jesus not to come to the house, because he felt unworthy to have Jesus under his roof.

It may seem strange that the centurion changed his mind so quickly. Yet, the rest of the message explains a bit more. He told Jesus he knew that Jesus didn’t have to be in the room with the servant to heal him. He could be anywhere and just speak the word.

On hearing the soldier’s faith Jesus said, ‘Let it be done’. The friends then returned to the centurion and what do you think they found? The Bible tells us that when they got to the house, the servant who had been so ill was well again, and from the exact time that Jesus spoke the words.

Can you put yourself in the shoes of those friends? When you left the house, the servant was sick. You met Jesus on the road and heard him speak a healing command. As you approach the house are you full of doubt or expectation? You open the door and there is the servant, up and about as if nothing was ever wrong. Are you lost for words?

In our morning services in November we will be looking at some of the miracles that Jesus performed. Why not come along and find out some of the incredible things that the Bible tells us about Jesus?

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