What’s that noise? Your ears strain in the quietness trying to pick it out again. Nothing… but then, barely audible, you hear a gentle tap, tap, tap. Turing around, your eyes focus on a small brown object lying in a tray of sawdust.

There’s the sound again, this time accompanied by a gentle wobble. A tiny hole appears in the smooth surface, slowly growing with each tap. It’s not long and the creature inside begins to emerge through the hole.

You watch it straining and pushing, but it can’t break free. Each heave is followed by a pause; but then, with another shove, the shell is gone, the creature is free. Lying down, the chick is exhausted, but it’s made it. It’s out, it’s alive.

In April, we celebrate Easter. But what’s it all about? It is a celebration of life. On Good Friday, we remember Jesus dying on the cross. This is a sobering time. Jesus died a painful death; the cross was a device fine-tuned to inflict pain. Yet, Jesus did more than just suffer death. The Bible says that Jesus died to deal with the sin that separates us from God.

But how is that a message about life? Later that day, Jesus’ body was taken down from the cross and put in a tomb. A stone was rolled across the opening and a Roman guard was stationed outside. There was no way of entry or escape. Yet, early on the Sunday morning, Jesus burst out!

Some of his followers came to the tomb early in the morning. When they got there, it was empty. ‘What’s happened?’ they asked themselves. Then they were given a message, ‘He is not here, he has risen.’ Jesus is alive!

And the message of life doesn’t stop there. The Bible claims that this resurrected life is a life that we can know in our own lives. Both today and forever.

If you want to know more about what the Bible teaches and what it might mean for you, why not join us on at 10:30am, Easter Sunday morning as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. You can join us in-person at our building on Gracious Street, or via the stream on our YouTube channel.

This service is one of the ‘Passion for Life’ events we’re putting on over Easter. If you want more info check out our events page