Holiday Club

If you would like your child(ren) to attend Holiday Club this year please complete the form below and read and accept the registration conditions before pressing the Register button.

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    By completing and submitting this registration form you consent to:
    ⇒ The children detailed attending Holiday Club at Whittlesey Baptist Church, Gracious Street.
    ⇒ The children being taken off-site to New Road School for games.
    ⇒ General photographs being taken during the sessions - these may be used for display & publicity purposes (including on our website).
    ⇒ Your data being kept for the next 12 months and may be used to contact you about other activities at Whittlesey Baptist Church.
    If you do not consent for general photography of your child, please tick the box
    If you do not consent to Whittlesey Baptist Church making contact with you, please tick the box
    In the event of an emergency we will make all reasonable attempts to contact the person named on the registration form. If for some reason contact cannot be made we reserve the right to take whatever actions seem necessary and reasonable.

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