Faced with mistakes

As I write this article the news is filled with the evidence being presented by Dominic Cummings at a joint hearing of the Health and Social Care Committee and the Science and Technology Committee.

How much of it is true? I’m thankful I don’t have to decide that. I’m sure that the calls for a public enquiry will at some point happen and I’m happy to leave it to them to decide.

All this has raised a question in my mind. How well have our government handled the Covid pandemic? Now, I’m aware that such a political question will have a multitude of different answers ranging from terrible to brilliant. Yet, whichever political persuasion you are, I’m sure we can all admit that not everything has gone smoothly. Mistakes have been made and there have been errors of judgment along the way.

As a country we have faced a set of circumstances with many unknowns. Our leaders have had to deal with complex questions without obvious answers as they have sought to balance the various aspects of well-being. Throw into the mix that none of us gets everything right and I’m not sure the presence of mistakes should surprise us.

How will the media react when the mistakes are exposed? How will social media respond? Both are places that are notorious for being unforgiving and lacking grace. We don’t know what will be found, but I’m sure there will be some calls for resignations. Maybe they will be right, maybe they won’t.

Where am I going with all this? It’s really to say how thankful I am for the message of the Bible. Yes, I feel your quizzical look, ‘how does that relate to mistakes in Covid?’ Well, as someone who has made and is making mistakes, I’m thankful that God is a merciful God, and he doesn’t give up on me.

How do I know that? The Bible tells me just what God did to fix my mistakes. He sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross for my sin, so I could be forgiven and be made right.

Mistakes have consequences and when I get things wrong, I must take responsibility. Yet, the Bible assures me, that as I bring them to God, he will be gracious with me. That is such an encouragement to know.

Praying you all keep safe and well.