Cold beauty

Winter can be a dull time of year. Dark mornings and evenings leave an oppressive feel and the absence of colour in the trees and plants does little to offset this. But not every day is like this.

I love those winter mornings when you wake up and the sky is clear and a frost lies heavy on the ground. As the sun rises its rays glisten as they reflect back off the white all around and its light seems brighter than ever.

It’s cold, so cold that you can see your breath as you breathe out, but it’s a dry cold and so long as you wrap up warm it’s not going to get into your bones. I especially love these mornings in the early part of the year with the emerging crocuses and snowdrops showing the first signs of spring on the horizon.

What do you do on days like this? Days when you see such beauty around you? In our busy lives it can be so easy to rush on by and not stop to take it in. Yet, if you were to stop what would you do? Maybe whisper a quiet ‘wow’ or take a picture to try and capture the moment, but would you ever do more than that?

Fundamental to the Bible’s view of life is its teaching that God created the world. At its root that means that the universe around us, this world and the people and creatures who live in it are not here by chance, but by design. Consequently, as we look around us we are looking at evidence of a designer and seeing a little bit of what he is like.

As a Christian, this is the framework that shapes the way I look at a cold and frosty morning. As I see the beauty I want to say ‘wow’ and maybe take a picture, although I know my camera skills will never do it justice. However, I also want to do more than that. I want to say thank you to God for creating something so beautiful and think about how incredible he must be to have made all this.

Now I know not everyone believes the same thing, yet we do all ask the important questions of life; Who am I? Where did I come from? What’s the purpose of life? Next time you wake up on a beautiful morning why not take the opportunity to ponder these things. Even to ask, is there a God? And if there is, what is he like?

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