A look at the king

It’s just a matter of days until the Coronation. I wouldn’t count myself a fan of the royal family. I tend to be a bit apathetic, but I do recognise there is a significance to the occasion. For most of us, it’s something we’ve never seen or experienced in our lifetime. That alone is enough for me to tune in to watch the coverage on May 6th, or at least part of it anyway.

Thinking of the Coronation, I’ve got three questions spinning around my head. First, what will happen? How will it work and how will traditions be tweaked for the 21st century? Then, what type of a person is King Charles? I’ve heard interviews, seen some of the news reports, watched some episodes of ‘The Crown’, but what’s he really like? And thirdly, what is the role of the king? The monarchy is an institution that goes back centuries, but what does it do today?

I’ve found it interesting to read the Bible with these questions of kingship on my mind. Why? Because the Bible talks about Jesus as a king. Did he have a coronation? Yes, although it looked a bit different. At his baptism he was anointed with the Holy Spirit as a mark of kingship. Through his resurrection and ascension, he enters heaven to take his throne.

What kind of king is he? The Bible says, Jesus is the best kind: powerful, just, good, loving, wise. There are four accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As we encounter Jesus, we see him reaching out to the outcast, being gentle with the hurting, challenging the proud and selfish. He reads every situation, no missteps or misspeak.

What is his role? Here is perhaps the biggest claim of the Bible. Jesus is called ‘king of kings and lord of lords’ (Revelation 19:16). According to the Bible, the kingship of Jesus is no mere ceremonial position. It says his authority is real and extends across the world.

Is the Bible speaking the truth here? That’s not an unimportant question. If it isn’t, then Jesus doesn’t matter. He’s just another figure of history who we can learn some stuff from and get on with our lives. But, if it’s right, what then?

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