A Salvation Story

Over the last few years there has been an increase in superhero movies. This has been great for me as I’ve always loved superhero films. There are two main stables, DC comics and Marvel. Each have their own group of characters ready to save the day. The competition is fierce, driving the directors to push for bigger, more intriguing and visually stunning films.

If you remove all the twists each film has essentially the same story line. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Superman or Spiderman, Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman, they are all salvation stories. A world in danger and a hero, or group of heroes, who will save it.

A couple of months ago I finally got to sit down and watch the latest Avengers Movie, Infinity War. It ends completely differently to all the other superhero movies. The Avengers, the heroes, don’t succeed. Thanos, the bad guy, wins. Yet, even with this twist at the end it is still a salvation story.

Thanos, in his warped way, believes he is saving the universe. The Avengers pull together in an attempt to save the world and one of them, Ultron, gives his life to save those around him. Even though it doesn’t end as we might expect, the thread of salvation still runs through.

That brings me to the Bible. A bit of a strange connection you may be thinking. The Bible is an important book for us as Christians. We believe it is a book given by God. Because of this we want to read it and understand what it says. Yet, what is the Bible about? It is the ultimate salvation story.

In the Old Testament, the section of the Bible that speaks about the time before Jesus was born, we are told about God calling and rescuing the people of Israel. He doesn’t just rescue them once; he does it over and over again.

Then we come to the New Testament. Here we find that God’s rescue plan is bigger than anyone expected. It is a plan to save the world. How? By Jesus, His Son, being born, living a perfect life, dying for sin, rising from the dead and calling people to believe in him.

There is a big difference between the Bible’s salvation story and the latest Avengers plot line. The Bible doesn’t present this as a story for our entertainment or an event in an alternative reality. It presents it as an act of history with relevance to us all. If you would like a Bible to read for yourself then please let us know and we’d love to give you one. A great place to begin is the Gospel of Mark – a book that tells us about who Jesus is and why he came.